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Quick Bites: Bricks & Clicks Podcast LIVE!

Wednesday, October 19, 12 - 12:45 p.m. PT

Johnny and Colin from Omnium's Bricks & Clicks Podcast will speak with Heather Cooper, SVP US Retail Sales at Oatly. Heather will share her CPG sales career journey and lessons learned along the way including Forecasting, Trade Planning/MAPS, and Customer Marketing.


  • Heather Cooper (SVP of Retail Sales at Oatly)

    Heather Cooper

    SVP of Retail Sales at Oatly


    Heather Cooper is the SVP of Retail Sales at Oatly, the company known for bringing Oatmilk to the US from Sweden. Oatly has since launched adjacent innovation in frozen pints, novelties, yogurt and within the shelf stable aisle.

    During Heather’s career spanning over 2 decades, she has built an impressive sales background with many iconic brands such as Nielsen, Maybelline-Garnier, Seventh Generation, Clif Bar, Kite Hill and most recently Oatly where she has been for over 2 years. Her experience in small, medium and large companies has given her the unique ability to grow and scale any organization at any size. Additionally, Heather has had the experience of holding a variety of positions that built her into a well-rounded sales leader holding roles in category management, customer marketing and strategy and account management throughout her career.

    Originally from New Jersey, Heather now resides in Santa Cruz, California with her dog Nash and Bob the cat. She enjoys visiting her brother who lives in Austria and taking her camper van out for outdoor adventures.

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  • Colin Davidson (Partner & Co-Founder of Omnium)

    Colin Davidson

    Partner & Co-Founder of Omnium


    Colin is a Partner and co-founder of Omnium and received his Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Operations Research and a minor in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo. Responsible for client and content management in Omnium's SF office, Colin utilizes his mathematical modeling and optimization background to achieve client success. He has established himself as the trusted and reliable go-to resource with colleagues and clients, and he gets joy from helping individuals and brands make better decisions.

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  • Johnny Valeriote (President & CEO of Omnium)

    Johnny Valeriote

    President & CEO of Omnium


    Along with partners Colin R. Davidson and Adam Carter, Johnny founded Omnium with a vision of helping CPG clients succeed with sound business strategy backed by industry experience, mathematics and data science. After obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Pure Math and Computer Science as well as a Master's Degree in Computational Mathematics from the University of Waterloo, Johnny has spent the last decade consulting in several CPG categories, working closely with clients from Clif Bar to Del Monte, to define their trade strategy, managing P&L, and ensuring their overall success.

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